Our Property

Entering the iron gates of The Swamp Whitetails, you will enjoy spectacular views along the driveway approaching the lodge. The lodge and owner’s cabin sit on a hilltop overlooking the open field surrounded by sawtooth oaks. The field holds a 20 acre pond, a 1 acre pond and a half acre pond stocked for all welcomed fisherman in between hunts.

As you begin to navigate through The Swamp, you will notice strategically placed green fields to allow hunters optimal opportunities to harvest a buck of a life time. Our green fields ranging from 1 to 10 acres are managed year round to provide healthy diets for the deer that result in racks grown to full potential. In addition to our green fields, we have some of the best hardwood bottoms in the south east with hardwoods that have not been touched by man in over 100 years. The property also boasts spectacular views of bending creek bottoms, 30 year old pine tree stands, and open elevated areas overlooking the tree tops below. The Swamp Whitetails provides varying landscapes to allow for the optimal habitat for whitetailed deer to thrive.

Average Temperature Highs and Lows (Fahrenheit):

October: 78 / 55°  |  November: 68/ 46°  |  December : 56 / 36°  |  January: 56 / 34°  |  February: 61 / 39°

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